I recharge them at any time on a large amethyst stone.
The current period is the most conducive to give energy to my sweet friends what are.
They feast on the light of the moon, the rain, the wind, the soft rays of the sun. 
They comfort me of this urban world, dehumanized, which encloses me in my rabbit cage, the metro that leads me to my box.
ONYX - Stone rooting to the ground, it helps the treatment of malfunctions of the root chakra.
She anchors fickle people into a more stable lifestyle and helps self-control, self control. 
Black onyx helps to purify the karmic energies inherited at birth. This property of storing physical memories makes onyx useful for working on past lives to heal old traumas and physical wounds affecting the present life. Beneficial for teeth, bones, blood disorders and feet. Maintenance and reloading of the stone are done by amethyst geode, quartz block, solar and lunar rays
SODALITE- Sodalite releases mental rigidity.
Sodalite natural stone stimulates the brain as well as the logic of thought. This stone brings humility, courageIt is a logical stone that rationalizes the channel of thought, stabilizes it and allows great control of emotions.
The hypersensitive people love this Sodalite enormously would act against hypertension. 
It stimulates the brain, the thinking logic of calm people; brings humility, courage and loyalty. It develops mediumship, by clarification of the mind.
Sodalite allows alignment of chakras. She is quite adaptable at her place of work or at home in her living room. It is ideal for appeasing people who tend to praise their merits and reassures them of their own abilities and encourages them to be more modest.
The sodality, in a room also allows to
find the peaceful sleep of the baby.
Pets will appreciate the presence of sodality close to their resting place. Sodalite is cleansed with distilled water. The reloading is done on a cluster of quartz, or amethyst as well as the lunar light.
ANGELITE - Symbolizes our pure soul of child.
Promotes and helps us to listen to subtle beings named angels or devas, according to our references. Reassuring for babies in their room: brings a sense of security. 
Transforms and heals all psychic pain, facilitates the process of rebirth.
Creates a deep sense of peace and tranquility, security.
Helps us connect to universal knowledge, Akashic memories, increases awareness. 
Encourage to be more compassionate and to accept the inescapable.
Attenuates psychological pain and neutralizes cruelty.
Chakra of the throat (creative awareness, communication). 
To maintain or to place on the body according to Protects the environment or the body: it constitutes a field of protection around the place where it is placed. CleaningCurrent drain; especially do not let it stagnate in the water. Soleil - Board of purification and dynamisation.
Obsidienne is a stone without border or limitation, it acts quickly with a force out of the commun run. It should be handled with care and respect.
Obsidian is an extremely protective stone that forms a shield against negative energies and rules out harmful spiritual influences. It is essential to clean it after each use. Depending on its color, obsidian has additional properties that add to those generic.
Obsidian Celestial Eye, like black obsidian, is a protective stone but to a higher degree. It transmutes into light all the negative energies, it evacuates all the entities by aligning and purifying all the chakras.
The great possibilities of this stone make it a real talisman.
Natural minerals in the form of pebbles rolled stones are very popular tools for the practice of lithotherapy in everyday life. In fact, their small sizes allow them to be worn all the time to take advantage of the energies. 
The Obsidian Stone Celestial Eye acts particularly on the Racine Chakra.
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